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A 2D-platformer about Raccoon's that wanted to go through a bin for lunch, but end up in a Monster World instead!

Play as Riki, or get a friend irl and have Roko join in to cause mayhem as you venture through Monster World in this single room platformer. Kill all the enemies in each room to progress, and collect points to unlock secrets!

This is a demo that has 20 stages.


- Raccoons!
- Treasure!
- Local multiplayer!

The demo is free, but you can support me by donating! Help me attend shows! Ideally the full game will have 100 levels and a sweet boss fight at the end. 

For the best experience, I recommend you use gamepads to play this!

No gamepads? No problem! Download the keyboard version instead. :) 


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treasurerangersdemowindows012.exe 6 MB
treasurerangersdemowindows_keyboardversion012.exe 6 MB

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Hey CaptainD,

Awesome thanks a lot for the feedback! Sorry it didn't work with the controller, which model is it? I have tested currently with various Logitech models, the xbox controllers and an nes copy one (all USB). If you download the xbox driver for your controller it should work then for all your games maybe. 

Thanks for the feedback too - the invincibility feedback has been raised to me and in the next update this will be in place. :) I'll work out something on the lives aspect, even if it is a 'continue' function to start from the last level game over'd in, but points go back to zero? 

Thanks a lot again, working on it!

Will have to check when I get home but the controllers are cheap and cheerful, work well when they work but not every game recognises them.  The keyboard controls are fine anyway! :-)  Didn't think of downloading the Xbox driver though, thanks for that will give it a try.

Points reverting to zero when you Continue is fine, this is what all the old Taito coin-op conversions did IIRC.  Younger players won't be bothered about the score anyway, they will just be happy to carry on playing.  

Another idea is (maybe) the Gauntlet method - i.e. as long as one player is still alive, the other can bounce back in when they lose their last life (with points set to zero).  This does mean you can basically go on forever as long as you don't die at the same time - might not work well for your game but just an idea to consider.

Hi there!  Cute game, my daughter love Bubble Bobble and enjoyed this a lot too.  Sadly couldn't get the controller version to work (might be my cheap controllers, they certainly don't work in every game! :-D) but managed to play the keyboard version fine.

A couple of thoughts:

Since the game is going to appeal to young children, being able to play with extra lives (or credits like the old Bubble Bobble) would be good.  

It could do with the player being given a few seconds invulnerability when they respawn - a few times I respawned with an enemy basically already on top of my and instantly died.

I like the ability to drop down levels - gives the game its own identity and playing style a bit more.

Didn't quite reach level 20 but all in all this is a really promising start and I think younger players in particular will enjoy it.  The trick will be of course adding extra variety through the hundred planned levels (which, FWIW, is something I felt the original Bubble Bobble failed to do well enough.)

Happy developing!!